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How to create an audiobook on iphone

Here are the steps to creating your audiobook through ACX: Create your account on ACX. Find your ebook or paper book on and claim it. (You'll need to confirm that you have rights to the book.) Post details about your project on ACX. Tell them a little bit about your book and yourself.

You can import your audiobooks using the browser of your computer or using cloud services. The app has this features: • Supporting MP3 files • Supporting M4B and M4A files • Access to 11 000 books to download for free • Adjust playback speed • Automatic book cover loading from the books folder • Saving the place where you stopped listening. Audiobook Cover Art International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Audiobook Recording Equipment Pre-Production Audiobook Script Creation Production Notes Script Platform Markups Microphone Placement Voice Preparation Step 1: Eat Foods That Help Your Vocal Cords Step 2: Stay Hydrated Step 3: Get a Good Night's Sleep Step 4: Pamper Yourself. How To Make Your Own Audiobook Below I'll give you the major steps involved and some initial guidance. Now, let's jump in. Step 1: Obtain the RIGHT equipment When you record an audiobook, you simply CANNOT start recording with your iPhone or your computer's built-in microphone. Why?.

Way 1: Directly Download Audiobooks on iPhone If you want to know how to add Audiobooks to iPhone, you may want to use the direct download method. The steps are mentioned below: 1. So, launch the iBook app. 2. Tap on the Audiobooks chart to find all the Audiobooks available. 3. Select the Audiobook you want to download. 4. Tap to buy the Audiobook.

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